Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A New Reason to Blog or Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice or Pink is My New Favorite Color.

We are so excited to introduce our new daughter:
Kayla Allenna Koldewyn
January 15, 2010
5 lbs 6 oz

We are all so in love we can barely stand it!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

I Can't Believe it!

Happy Birthday Q-man!!!!

Has it really been 8 years?

It seems like just yesterday that you were born!

Your tininess amazed us, but what amazed us even more was your strength.

You constantly astound us with your strength, kindness, sweetness, and love of life.

Your willingness to take life by the horns and try new,

sometimes hard,

things is awesome!

You are a fantastic big brother and a great son!

I am so, so proud of you!

You make us happy every single day!

We love you big as the sky and deep as the ocean!

Have a GREAT # 8!!!!!!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I Miss My Honey

Bryan is at scout camp and I am home....I would say alone, but I'm not really alone because the boys are tucked snugly in their beds. But, it is late...and Bryan is gone...and I am baby hungry with no one to talk to, so I am going to blog.

The thing is....I really need a baby. The baby hungries are gnawing away at me like crazy today!

Adoption is awesome and awful all at the same time. Awesome because families are created and it is beautiful and amazing. Awful because of the paper work, and the homestudies, and having to prove that you are a fit parent, when any other Tom, Dick or Jane that could get babies the old fashioned way, never have to prove anything. Ok, so Tom and Dick probably aren't going to be getting pregnant any time soon, but you get the idea. Awful because of the unknown and the uncertainties. Awful because of the waiting and wondering. Both awesome and awful because we could be, and probably are, expecting at this very moment and we don't even know it!

Ok. That's it. Thanks for listening....I just needed to vent. Venting is good. I should do it more often, maybe that way it wouldn't build to bursting, to blowing up, to crazy rants. Yeah, venting is good.

Please come quick little one. We are counting the days until we meet you. And some days are long, so please come soon.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Good Times!!

Okay...I know it's been a long time since my last post. So there's a lot to talk about. Grab a Pepsi (Bear's beverage of choice), sit back, and let's catch up!

First of all I have a wonderful father-in-law that grows the
biggest, sweetest raspberries you've ever tasted!


Not only did he grow these babies, he picked me a very large bucket of them.
This is only about a third of them.

I had enough berries to make three batches jam.
Did I mention that I love raspberries?

Well I love raspberry jam even more!
Thanks Brent!

Lesson learned: I have been blessed with very wonderful in-laws...
who grow amazing berries!

This is the annual Lott family Snake River trip.
What? Neither of us are Lotts?
Don't tell any of them that! They treat us like family and we love them!

Bryan and me on the first day...before the sun and dirt took effect.

Oh Man do I love to run the river!!!

This year Q-man was old enough to run the lower part of the river.
After Lunch Counter we let the big, little boys get in and hit
Roller Coaster.
Look at that smile! Quinn was in seventh heaven (and a little bit nervous)!!

Lesson learned: We have amazing friends! And adrenaline is a good thing!!!

Quinn's two front teeth have been loose for two months!
At long last he let Bryan have a go.....and.....voila


You can't tell from this picture, but Quinn was thrilled.
He was even more excited when he woke-up the next morning and the
Tooth Fairy had come.

Lesson learned: Sometimes dad's just have to take over!

Bower family tradition.
Every year around Pioneer Day my family heads to Maddox.
It's great food...
hey, who am I to get in the way of tradition?

Mom and Josh...what can I say?
I love them!

Brennon was showing me how everything looks funny in
a spoon....yep buddy, sometimes the world does seem upside down!

Lesson Learned: There's nothing like family! And tradition rocks!

Pioneer Day.

Great fireworks with great friends.
Thanks for the invite Mitch and Em!

The boys were all over the sparklers.

Lesson learned: We end up with great friends and neighbors wherever we live.
And the guy that invented sparklers was a genius!

Swimming in Grammy and Papa's pool.

This is what Quinner did most of the day.
He has always loved looking at things under water.
Maybe I should get him scuba lessons....
Then again maybe we should work on getting rid of the floaties first!

This is Bear "laying out".


All of us in the pool.

Quinn happy as a clam.

Brennon with a death grip on Bryan.

Maybe we shouldn't have thrown him off the bridge at the cabin.

Lesson learned: Water + family = a happy mommy!
And when moving into a condo...always make sure it has a great pool!!

So that's our summer so far... I'm a happy girl!!!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Coming Attractions....

Okay...seriously...what happened to my last post? New post coming soon......

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Friday Favorites (on Saturday)

I love to check out other people's blogs and get great ideas! There are so many creative people out there with cute, clever, amazing blogs! I came upon the idea of doing a "Friday Favorite". Just find a random favorite picture to post every Friday. I love this idea! What a great way to remember some of the best times in our lives! While taking a stroll down memory lane in search of a favorite, I realized that there are way too many to choose just one! So....I think that because we just started this blog I'm going to do a "Few Friday Favorites". At least for today. I hope you all enjoy these as much as I do!!! HUGS! Last November in celebration of our anniversary and my birthday, Bryan and I went on a trip, by ourselves to San Fransisco. This is hands down one of the best trips I have ever been on! The city was amazing! Every morning we would wake up and walk down the street to the coolest coffee shop to load up on hot chocolate (the best ever!!) and pastries and then we'd hit the town. I can see why people's hearts get left in San Fran! Such a cool city!!!
This was a very fun trip to the zoo with my favorite (and only) sister Kellie. We had a blast! Riding the carousel was a blast! Thanks Belle!!

Last summer while visiting This is the Place Historic Park, Brennon latched onto this baby cow after it tried to eat his shirt. I was pretty sure we would have to find a way to bring this little guy home with us!

Bear Lake has always been one of our favorite places to play!
After a long day in the sand, my boys were worn clear out!

This is Bryan skiing on July 3rd 2005!
Crazy Utah weather!!!

This is one of my absolute favorite pictures of Quinn as a baby.
I still get lost in those big blue eyes!

Me and my Hunk a hunk a burnin' love!

The day we brought Brennon home.
This is the first time our boys met, and proof that
there was a time when Quinn really was taller than Brennon.
Quinn was so excited to give Bear a bottle. He was in heaven!
So were we!!!

Sitting in our hotel room in Georgia the morning after getting Brennon.
It's hard to believe it's been 3 1/2 years. Where does the time go?
I can't wait to do this again!!

Thursday, June 25, 2009


This morning when I got done blow-drying my hair I noticed that the house had gotten a little too quiet. So after scouting out the house I went outside to find this.
That's right folks....not one Pepsi...not two Pepsi's...not even three Pepsi' Baby Bear had taken 4, 20 ounce sodas out to his playhouse and was working on chugging the second one when he was caught in the act!
When I asked him what he was doing he said "Mom...I was hot! I took my shirt off so it didn't get spilled on!...I love you mom!" What's a mom to do?
Caught red handed!
Chug-a-lug!!! chug-a-lug!!!

How could I ever get mad at that face?!